Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Fun Flirt Pole Time!

I just wanted to talk about how awesome it is to play with the flirt pole. It's my favorite thing to do ever! By the way, if you do not know what a flirt pole is, or would like to know how to make one, I will be happy to tell you so that you can make your dog happy by playing this fun game with him/her.

Basically, a flirt pole is a long stick/pole with a rope attached to one end. Then a toy or other favorite object (such as a cowhide, in my case) is attached to the end of the rope. Then the human swings the stick around letting us dogs chase the toy at the other end. Seems simply silly, but man o man what a fun game!

Anyway, here is a couple of pictures so you can see how Mum made our flirt pole:

She used a lunge line horse whip for the pole since it's all one piece with the rope so it is strong, long lasting, and lightweight.  Super easy to use.  This pic is taken next to her flip flop for size comparison.
Then she put a very small c-clamp through the end of the whip in order to attach the nylon rope easily that ties to the cowhide.  Very clever if I do say so myself.  Mum is always so crafty...  :)

Then she ties the nylon rope to the cowhide by drilling a hole in the cowhide when it's stiff, then passing the rope through the hole and tying several knots to keep it in place.  

Then it's playtime for me!

 That's a pic of me playing flirt with Dad so Mum could get pictures.  Fun times!  

Flirt pole is a fun game for any dog, any breed, any age (although make sure not to do too much jumping with young pups so as not to damage their growing joints).  It's like 3 different workouts in one:  sprinting, jumping, tugging.  So much fun!  I love it so much that Mum has to pry the cowhide away from me when she's ready for us to stop playing, haha.

Anyway, I hope we get to play some more today.  I will post a few more pics of Eisha and I playing with it together the other day....

That's my "sister" Eisha, by the way.  She is a South African boerboel.  We are good friends.

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